The Steering Committee is a decision-making and advisory body in charge of the overall supervision of Got Energy Talent, having an observer status. Its main responsibilities are 1) to set general strategies and priorities; 2) to recommend key actions to improve the implementation of the Programme; 3) to monitor and evaluate the implementation and progress of the Programme.

The Steering Committee is made of a representative from each of the organisations participating in Got Energy Talent, as follows:


Academic Host Institutions:

  • Prof. Francisco Javier de la Mata de la Mata, Vicerrector for Research and Transfer, UAH
  • Prof. Juan Antonio Melero Hernández, Vicerrector for Research and Transfer, URJC


Non-Academic Partner Host Institutions:

  • Mr. Javier Aríztegui Cortijo, Mobility Manager, REPSOL S.A.
  • Mr. Félix Marín, Head of R&D and technology transfer, IMDEA Energy
  • Mr. Eloy García Calvo, Director, IMDEA Water
  • Mr. Pablo Hyam Borrachero, Technical Manager, CI3
  • Mr. Marcelino Sánchez González, Director of the Solar Thermal Department, CENER
  • Mr. Iñaki Martínez-Sarriegui, Head of R&I Area, Optiva Media
  • Ms. Alicia Garcia Medina, Director of R&D&D, ATOS


Partner organisations:

  • Mr. Ángel Adell, CEO, Euradia
  • Mr. Jesús Martín Sanz, Director, AEDHE
  • Ms. Luisa María Fernández Fernández, General Director, MadridActiva
  • Ms. María Soledad Pastor Narvión, Director of Technical Office, FUE (Fundación Universidad-Empresa)
  • Ms. Karen Wilson, Professor, RMIT University
  • Mr. José Manuel Martínez Sierra, Director, RCC (Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard)
  • Mr. Jesús Rojo, Head of Unit of Technology Transfer and European Programmes, Foundation for Knowledge madri+d (madri+d)
  • Ms. Brianda Yáñez Arrondo, City Councillor for Transparency and Social Innovation, City Council of Alcalá de Henares