Co-valorisation of biomass and CO2 to bio-based products
Mentor: José Iglesias Morán
Phone: (+34) 914888565
University: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Partner Host Institution: CEPSA
Keywords: CO2, hydrogen transfer, formic acid, low carbon, abatement

Co-valorisation of biomass and CO2 to bio-based products

Bioeconomy, clean and efficient energy, and climate action are some of the H2020 program priorities driven by the European Commission to match the political union goals. Within this context, several work packages defined for the period 2018-2020 have focused on important aspects of these societal challenges, such as enabling near-zero CO2 emissions from carbon intensive industries (included fossil-fuel power plants), or the development of new alternatives for the production of bio-based products, within the context of circular economy. Both work packages help to face the challenge of tackling a clean energy transition in the European Union. The purpose of this research line is to bring together both concepts and simultaneously reduce industrial CO2 emissions while exploring new procedures for the preparation of bio-products. With this aim, a bottom-up approach is used for the design and developing of new catalysts for the co-valorisation of CO2 and lignocellulosic biomass for the fabrication of different bio-based products, including monomers for bioplastics production. The different possibilities to be studied for the integration of sequestrated CO2 streams in biorefinery schemes include:
– Hydrogen transfer processes for the simultaneous reduction of CO2 and the oxidation of sugar monosaccharides to acids.
– The condensation of CO2 derivatives with biomass-derived ketones to provide alkyl diesters.
– Carboxylation of furanics with CO2 to diacids.

Departament: Energy and Chemical Technology, Environmental and Chemical Technology, Mechanical Technology, Analytical Chemistry
Research Group: Chemical & Environmental Engineering Group
More Information:
Relevants projects on the area: Advanced heterogeneous catalytic processes for biomass valorisation (VALBIOCAT)
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