Remote gas sensing in Energy-production infrastructures
Mentor: Fernando Naranjo Vega
Phone: (+34) 918856917
University: Universidad de Alcalá
Partner Host Institution: N.A
Keywords: Ultra fast laser, remote gas detection, infrared spectroscopy

Remote gas sensing in Energy-production infrastructures

The development of systems for remote sensing is relevant to several applications such as leak detection in industry. Ultrafast fiber lasers represent a reliable source for this application, as they show a stable and with wide-spectrum emission. They combination with Fourier spectroscopy and interferometric techniques opens a new field for the development of specific remote gas sensors of danger gases. In particular, in this Project it is intended to apply nitride-based ultrafast lasers developed by the Photonics Engineering Group of the University of Alcalá to remote gas detection in energy-production industry. These lasers attains high peak power (in the range of tens KW) linked to ultrashort pulse width (below 200 fs), emitting a powerfull pulsed beam spectraly centred at 1.56 µm, where gases like NH3, CO, CO2 and H2S show important absorption lines.

Departament: Electronics
Research Group: Photonics Engineering
More Information:
Relevants projects on the area: "Reduction of noise effects in non-linear fiber optic systems" ANOMALOS (TEC2015-71127-C2-2-R, 2016-2019, MINECO).
Relevants publications on the area: 1.- M. JIMENEZ-RODRIGUEZ, E. MONROY, M. GONZALEZ-HERRAEZ, F.B. NARANJO “ Ultrafast Fiber Laser Using InN as Saturable Absorber Mirror", Journal of Lightwave Technology 36, 2175 (2018).
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