Ajitanshu Vedrtnam

Ajitanshu Vedrtnam

GET-COFUND MarieCurie Fellow at UAH

Development of advanced sustainable fire-resistant cement-based composites and their performance evaluation in pre- and post-fire conditions using conventional and non-destructive methods

About the research project «Development of advanced sustainable fire-resistant cement-based composites and their   performance evaluation in pre- and post-fire conditions using conventional and non-destructive methods»

Research line:  Innovative and sustainable Construction technologies and Building Materials

Mentor: Prof. Gonzalo Barluenga Badiola (UAH)


This project includes development of fire-resistant cement based composites (CBCs) in a sustainable way and a novel method for post fire curing of CBCs. The development will utilize passive and active control systems. The performance of the developed CBC will be evaluated using various destructive and non-destructive test. The dynamic tests that will evaluate the performance of CBCs during fire would be following a new approach. The experimentation would provide data for development of numerical models that will allow engineers to conduct performance-based design of CBC during fire events. The mathematical model will predict time-temperature, stresses, deformation and load bearing ability of CBC.

About Ajitanshu Vedrtnam 

Ajitanshu Vedrtnam has more than sixteen years of research and teaching experience. He has completed B.E. (Mechanical Engineering), M.B.A. (Marketing), M.E. (Manufacturing), GATE (M.E), Ph.D. (Applied Mechanics). Dr. Vedrtnam has published more than 80 articles including, 38 articles in high impact journals and authored 2 books. Dr. Vedrtnam has been actively involved in the translational research for building state-of-the-art technological systems to handle key challenges related to structural materials, energy supply and environmental issues. Dr. Vedrtnam is the recipient of prestigious fellowships including Marie-Curie grant, post-doctoral fellowship by Technion Israel institute of Technology, Israel, Research fellowship from International Association of advanced Materials (IAAM), Sweden, Research Fellowship from Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India etc. Dr. Vedrtnam serves as a scientific evaluator, member of experts in several panels and committees to various governmental and non-governmental agencies; member of Ph.D. committee, and has been invited for 50+ plenary, keynote and invited lectures in the international conferences. He has guided a good number of students on Cement-Based Composites, Energy storage materials, Bio-fuels, Structural glass, Additive Manufacturing, Composite Materials, and Aerodynamics. He is serving as editor-in-chief, editor, editorial board member and reviewer for many peer-reviewed international journals. Dr. Vedrtnam was PI/ CO-PI of multiple research projects sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, IC IMPACT, Canada, Ministry of HRD, India, NAVA, Poland etc. Currently, he is working for a project under Got Energy Talent (Get) Cofund Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant with Universidad De Alcala, Madrid, Spain.

More Details: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ajitanshu_Vedrtnam


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