Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks and Event-based Sensing for Smart Cities applications
Mentor: Felipe Espinosa
Phone: (+34) 918856545
University: Universidad de Alcalá
Partner Host Institution: CI3 / Ferrovial - 2nd year of applied research compulsory. This research line has been developed together with CI3 Ferrovial. The second year of applied research in CI3 Ferrovial is compulsory under this line.
Keywords: Event-based sensing, wireless sensor networks, smart-cities, smart sensors.

Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks and Event-based Sensing for Smart Cities applications

Geintra research group (UAH) has been working on wireles sensor network (WSN) since last years, and specifically on event-based sensing and estimation. That means sensorial nodes acitvate the transmission process, updating information, only when required. This way the communication channel is relaxed and an efficient power consumption is achieved without significant degradation of the supervision, monitoring or control performance. On the other hand, among the transveral areas for Smart Cities are sensing and information and commmunication technologies.

The challenges of this proposal are focused on the integration and contributions of event-based sampling to smart sensing appplied to some of the branches of Smart Cities: energy and environment, buildings and infraestructures, mobility and intermodality, governance and social services.

Departament: Electronics
Research Group: Electronic Engineering Applied to Intelligent Spaces and Transport Group
More Information:
Relevants projects on the area: Network optimisation of wireless sensors and networked control systems for cooperation of mobile units in intelligent environments -ALCOR- (MINECO. Ref. DPI2013-47347-C2-1-R)
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2.- Authors: Martinez-Rey, M.; Espinosa, F. and Gardel, A. Title: Analysis of the optimal sampling rate for state estimation in sensor networks with delays Ref. R. ISA Transactions. ISATRA2445. 17-March- 2017. Doi: 10.1016/j.isatra.2017.03.007