Got Energy Talent is fully committed to promote gender equality

GET will seek to promote equal opportunities between men and women throughout the whole the implementation of the Programme:

  • During the calls and the selection process, specific actions will be developed to promote the maximum number of women applicants and to guarantee gender equality.
  • During the implementation of the fellowships, the Gender Equality Units of both universities will provide assessment to the fellows in the case they may require any advice related to its entrusted functions. They will also work closely with the programme management team to inform and promote potential gender outreach initiatives among the fellows.

Morevoer, specific actions on gender equality will be applied in order to better promote women participation:

  • Work/Life balance measures. Fellows with minor children will benefit from labour flexibility conditions (i.e. part-time working days, flexible work schedule) and teleworking if possible. 
  • Fellows with families will benefit from a «Family Allowance» that will amount to €4,800* per fellow per year.

Regarding maternity leaves, once fellows sign their fellowship contract, they will be automatically enrolled in the Spanish Social Security System. That will enable them to benefit of coverage in case of maternity leave. The Spanish Law (RD 295/2009, March 6th) regulates the terms and benefits of its social security, and should be the reference in case of leave. Currently and in general terms, the law establishes that the leave of maternity will be of 16 weeks for mothers and 4 weeks for fathers.


*It must be taken into account that this amount covers the economic rights derived from the employment contract and the social costs (employer contributions), which means that the gross family allowance will amount to approximatively *€3,600 per year according to the current Spanish law. Within H2020, family is defined as persons linked to the researcher by 1) marriage or 2) a relationship with equivalent status to a marriage recognized by the legislation of the country where this relationship was formalized or 3) dependent children who are actually being maintained by the researcher. There is no obligation for the family to travel with the recruited researcher. Kindly note that family status of a researcher will be determined at the deadline of the call and will not be revised thereafter. The family allowance will be paid in monthly instalments as part of their monthly salary.