GOT ENERGY TALENT (GET) is a fellowship programme co-funded by the EU as part of the H2020-MSCA-COFUND programme (Grant Agreement number 754382). GET is run by the University of Alcalá (UAH) as beneficiary of the action in collaboration with the University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC). Both universities co-fund the action in equal parts.


GET is an ambitious programme that aims not only to enable researchers to conduct their own excellent research project. It also intends to bring research closer to society and produce a positive effect, not only in terms of excellent science and talent attraction but also by strengthening the regional economy and promoting international networking. GET’s field of action is one of the priorities of the Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) of the region of Madrid. Moreover, the topic responds to the long-term vision of the Universidad de Alcalá and the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, which together launched the CIE (Campus of International Excellence) ‘Smart Energy’ focusing on Bioenergy and Smart Cities.


GOT ENERGY TALENT will offer 34 fellowships for experienced researchers to develop a 24-month stay through 2 open calls at international level (17 fellowships per call). The postdoctoral fellows will have a full trans-national mobility experience. The two academic host institutions, the UAH and the URJC, will each hire 17 fellows over the lifetime of the fellowship programme. Therefore, in each call a total of 8/9 fellows will be received by each academic host institution.


Fellows will be able to decide whether to carry out a 24-month advanced research project or, under certain research lines, a 12-month advanced research combined project with a 12-month period devoted to applied research in one of the partner host institutions.

Number of fellowships

GOT ENERGY TALENT will offer a total of 34 fellowships through 2 open calls for applicants (17 fellowships per call). The two academic host institutions, the UAH and the URJC, will hire 17 fellows each. Therefore, in each call a total of 8/9 fellows will be hired by each academic host institution.


Duration of the fellowship
Each individual fellowship will be a fixed-term non-renewable 24-month contract with either the UAH or the URJC (academic host institutions).


Financial conditions

The amount of the grant of fellows will consist of the following categories:

Cost categories Monthly amount
Living allowance €4,190.00
Mobility allowance €200.00
Travel allowance €100.00
Total €4,490.00
Family allowance** €400.00
Total with family allowance** €4,890.00

**Depending on the family situation of the fellow.

*IMPORTANT: These amounts correspond to the total amount before both employer contributions (economic rights and social costs) and employee contributions (fiscal obligations and social security and other taxes).


  • The category “living allowance” provides a living allowance for the fellow.
  • The “mobility allowance” is a contribution to cover the expenses generated by the relocation of the fellow (moving expenses, family expenses related to the relocation, language courses, etc.).
  • The purpose of the “travel allowance” is to contribute to the fellow’s travel expenses from the place of origin to the host organisation.
  • The “family allowance” is a support for those fellows who have family duties. Within H2020, family is defined as persons linked to the researcher by 1) marriage or 2) a relationship with equivalent status to a marriage recognized by the legislation of the country where this relationship was formalized or 3) dependent children who are actually being maintained by the researcher. There is no obligation for the family to travel with the recruited researcher. Kindly note that family status of a researcher will be determined at the deadline of the call and will not be revised thereafter. The family allowance will be paid in monthly instalments as part of their monthly salary. *No proof will be requested at this step. However, successful applicants will have to provide proofs of the family situation that gives right to the family allowance.


Contribution to research costs

In addition, GOT ENERGY TALENT fellowship will provide a contribution towards the direct costs of conducting the research proposal (i.e. consumables, publications, travel, specific workshop or training activities). This contribution is a flat rate amount of €4,200 per fellow per year managed by the host academic institution (UAH or URJC) according to their regular practice.

*Please note that the contribution to the research costs is NOT part of the salary.

GET Fellowship applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

Nationality: GET fellowships are open to applicants of any nationality.

Experienced Researchers: applicants must be experienced researchers as defined by MSCA rules, i.e. applicants must be in possession of a doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience immediately prior to the date of the call deadline. Full-time equivalent research experience is measured from the date when a researcher obtained the degree which would formally entitled him/her to embark on a doctorate, either in the country in which the degree was obtained or in the country in which the researcher is recruited, irrespective of whether or not a doctorate is or was ever envisaged.

Mobility Rule: the mobility rule of Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme applies, i.e. applicants must not have resided, or conducted their main activity (work, studies, etc.), in Spain for over 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the date of the call deadline. In this regard, compulsory national service, short stays such as holidays and time spent as part of a procedure for obtaining refugee status under the Geneva Convention are not taken into account. Applications can be made by Spanish researchers as far as they comply with the MSCA mobility rule just described.

In addition to this:

  • Applicants cannot be permanent employees of UAH or URJC, or any of the organisations participating in the programme (host institutions or partner organisations).
  • Applicants must possess a fluent knowledge of English.
  • Applicants must submit the complete application package by the specified deadline. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Applications must be submitted via the online application system. You will find the buttom on the right side of this page. In order to submit an application, all applicants need to register in the system. Once registered, applicants can upload and submit their proposals. Please be aware that once you press on the submit button, you will not be able to change your application. That will be considered the research proposal to be evaluated. The online application system will be active from the day the call opens and until its closure.

GOT ENERGY TALENT selection process is made of 5 stages:

  1. Eligibility check by GET’s Secretariat.
  2. Scientific Evaluation*Each application will be independently and individually assessed by 3 experts. The outcome of the evaluation will be the “Individual Evaluation Report” (IER), which will be provided to all applicants.
  3. Consensus meeting and drawing of ranking listsApplications will be ranked by GET’s Management Board during a consensus meeting. *Important to note: Applications to UAH and to URJC will be treated separately, i.e. two separate raking lists will be drawn up, one for the applicants applying to UAH and one for the applicants applying to URJC.
  4. Communication of results.Top candidates selected for the fellowship programme will be informed by e-mail and invited to start the negotiation. Applicants not selected in the final round will be also informed by e-mail. Candidates on the reserve list will be informed accordingly.
  5. NegotiationTop candidates will be invited to meet up for an interview where contracting details and a date to start the fellowhips will be set. Interviews will take place online or by phone.

*The scientific evaluation and the selection of evaluators will be provided by the Department for Coordination and Evaluation (Subdivisión de Coordinación y Evaluación, SCE) of the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. Evaluators will assess the proposals according to the principles, guidelines and forms included in the Guide for Evaluators, which will be available on this website (please chek First call).

There will be two calls for fellowships throughout the lifetime of the Programme. The first call closed on 1st October 2018. The fellowships of the first call are planned to start in April-May 2019.

The second call is planned for April 2019!

GET-COFUND will be supported by a comprehensive network of partners including major players in the energy and related fields as well as regional innovation and entrepreneurship support centers, business associations, local and regional public administration and international partners.

Partners in GET-COFUND can be divided into two categories:

Non-academic Partner Host Institutions > GET host partner institutions are research and industry organisations from the non-academic sector. They will offer fellows the opportunity to spend a second year doing applied research. You will find information about the partner host institutions and the possibilities about secondments under Non-Academic Partner Host Institutions and Research Lines

Partner organisations > GET partner organisations include regional innovation and entrepreneurship support centers, business associations, local and regional public administration and international partners. Partner organisations will support GET in different ways, including: supporting the dissemination of the Programme and its results, participating in the Technology Transfer Mechanism, providing additional training to the fellows in soft skills, advising and guiding fellows on market research needs. Please check Partner organisations.


If you are interested in joining Got Energy Talent fellowship programme as either as parter host institution or a partner organisation, do not hesistate to contact us at


Applicants must submit the complete application package. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED!! Applications which do not use GET templates will be considered ineligible and will be excluded from further review.

Please be aware that once you press the ‘submit’ button in your private area in the online application tool, you will not be able to change your application! That will be considered the research proposal to be evaluated.


Applicants should have carefully read the «Guide for Applicants» as well as the «Guide for Evaluators» before applying.  For any question regarding the Programme, please get in touch with