New paper published

New paper published

A new paper on an exclusively solar polygeneration concept has been published in the prestigious Energy Journal.

In this research our MSCA Universidad Rey Juan Carlos GET Fellow Francesco Rovense in collaboration with IMDEA Energía and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, has developed a model of an original power cycle based on a completely un-fired and solar-driven micro gas turbine.

The purpose of this investigation is the development of a highly flexible and dispatchable generation system that allows to quickly follow the user’s demand for heat and power. In this work, simulating its integration into the polygeneration system, the on and off-design performance maps of a real micro gas turbine were outlined, and the re-design methodology of its main components was proposed. The results pointed out that the net efficiency and power density of the micro gas turbine are improved with this novel layout, thus opening new perspectives for this technology in CSP applications.
The paper is available here:

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