Valentina Sessini

Valentina Sessini


Catalytic production of green piezoelectric biopolymers – GREENPEHS

About the research project “Catalytic production of green piezoelectric biopolymers – GREENPEHS”

Research Line: Catalytic Processes For Bioplastics Production

Mentor: Prof. Marta Elena González Mosquera



GREENPEHS project aims to design and synthetize, by catalytic processes, new biopolymers with piezoelectric properties for possible energy harvesting applications, in order to offer innovative industrial solutions in the field of smart energy. In particular, GREENPEHS project is directed to the Horizon 2020 key objective of climate action and sustainable development, proposing a solution for different problematic issues that affect our society. The fossil fuel requirements for different applications, such as for the synthetic polymer production or for energy production, and carbon dioxide emission from its combustion have raised concern about the environmental impact of its continued use. As a results of the constant demand of new strategies able to replace fossil fuel for the generation of power and for the production of smart polymers as well as of new energy- and cost-efficient processes, come out the idea of GREENPEHS project. It will contribute to the smart energy area creating innovative strategies and producing, by an energy, cost-efficient and scalable process, new advanced biobased piezoelectric polymers capable to generate renewable energy.

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About Valentina Sessini

Valentina Sessini obtained her Academic Degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 2011 at the University of Cagliari (Italy). In 2012 she participated to the International Master Course in “Green Chemistry” at the University of Sassari. In the framework of this Master, she had introduced to the biobased and biodegradable materials doing a stage at Novamont S.p.A working with starch-based adhesives. Then, she entered in the PhD program of the University of Perugia as the winner of a competitive Scholarship of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) under the Project “Fondo Giovani Ricercatori” to investigate on blends and bionanocomposites based on starch obtaining her PhD degree in Civil and Innovative Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology on May, 2017. Thanks to the granted mobility activity developed during her PhD thesis, she had the possibility to move to Madrid and work at the ICTP – CSIC where she obtained also a second Master in High specialization in Plastics and rubber (UIMP – ICTP) in 2015. Moreover, she has built a European network of collaborators experienced on biobased smart polymers (Italy, Spain, France and Belgium). After that, she moved to Belgium, at the University of Mons in a frame of a Postdoctoral position developing biobased free-isocyanate polyurethanes with piezoelectric properties by reactive extrusion. She has experience in biopolymers and bionanocomposites synthesis, processing and characterization. She has published 12 peer-reviewed JRC scientific publications and 5 book chapters. Her work has been presented in more than 20 national and international congresses and she is frequently Reviewer of SCI Journals from different editorials. She supervised different students work in the laboratory and she has participated in several scientific divulgation activities. Currently, she is developing GREENPEHS project as a GET-COFUND MarieCurie Fellow at the University of Alcalá (COMORPROCA group).


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