Decentralized intelligent energy grids
Mentor: Miguel Ángel Sicilia Urbán
Phone: (+34) 918856640
University: Universidad de Alcalá
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Keywords: blockchain, decentralized energy grids, smart contracts

Decentralized intelligent energy grids

The emergence of blockchain as secure decentralized ledgers has opened possibilities for the decentralization of the distribution of energy. The Energy Web Foundation (EWF) and a number of startups had started the process of defining the use cases, and fitting them in the current infrastructure and regulatory frameworks. However, there is still a lack of understanding of which of the emerging blockchains-related technologies supporting smart contracts (including Ethereum, R-Chain, EOS, Hyperledger and Cardano) fit the requirements of the sector. Also, mechanism design for making the exchange, production and prediction (including prediction market dynamics) of demand and supply is still to be explored. This research line aims at (1) contrasting current platforms with the requirements and use cases of the EWF for a scientifically sound understanding of the best options, and (2) design and evaluate (probably using simulation) a set of incentive alternatives using mechanism design theory that may inform industry and the scientific community. It is expected that this will have an important impact in the ongoing initiatives towards the deployment of decentralized energy grids based on automated contracts.

Departament: Computer Science
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