Personal Rapid Transit Systems – Railways
Mentor: Efrén Díez Jiménez
Phone: (+34) 918856771
University: Universidad de Alcalá
Partner Host Institution: ATOS
Keywords: personal rapid transit, railways, metro systems,

Personal Rapid Transit Systems – Railways

The mechanical engineering area from UAH is actively researching on new smart transport system based on railways. Freight and passenger transport on railways system can be improved and time optimized by creating new vehicles systems and by applying new smart algorithms to traffic and network control systems. More specifically, the project CAPSULE deals with a new transport system for underground mobility, reducing drastically the travel time for passengers. More details will be given as soon as the patent is submitted. This multidisciplinary project involves mechanical and electrical engineers as well as computer engineers and mathematicians, therefore researchers having a wide range of different skills are welcome for collaborating in the project.

Departament: Signal Theory and Communications
Research Group: Mechanical, Electrical and Thermal Technology
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