Sustainable Water Technology and Water-Energy Nexus
Mentor: Eloy García Calvo
University: Universidad de Alcalá
Partner Host Institution: IMDEA Water - 2nd year of applied research compulsory. This research line has been developed together with IMDEA Water. The second year of applied research in IMDEA Water is compulsory under this line.
Keywords: Sustainable Desalination, Water Treatment, Ion Exchange Membranes, Nanofiltration, Forward Osmosis, Salinity Gradient.

Sustainable Water Technology and Water-Energy Nexus

Energy-efficient desalination and water treatment technologies play a critical role in augmenting freshwater resources without placing an excessive strain on limited energy supplies. In this sense, the high energy efficiency and often superior efficacy of membrane-based technologies have gained widespread implementation in various water treatment processes. Thus, new processes has been proposed merging areas such as biotechnology, energy productions or nutrient recovery with membrane-based technology, thus giving place to innovative hybrid systems oriented to ensure the circular economy in the water sector.

Our research group is fully devoted to merge membrane technology with other areas such as biotechnology, renewable energy and resources recovery to develop the next generation of hybrid technologies for water resource management, sustainable desalination, brine valorization and salinity gradient energy production, while increasing the impact of innovation in the water sector.

Departament: Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering
Research Group: Water management and biotechnological processes
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