Third Generation Photovoltaics. Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells
Mentor: Beatriz Romero Herero
Phone: (+34) 914887178
University: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Partner Host Institution: CENER
Keywords: Organic photovoltaics, perovskite solar cells, degradation, impedance spectroscopy

Third Generation Photovoltaics. Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells

DELFO group is formed by four university professors. The group is centred on the study of organic solar cells (OSC) and perovskite solar cells (PSC) stability. The group has active collaborations with different European organizations, such as Fraunhofer-ISE (Germany), CHOSE (Italy), NPL (U. K.) and DTU (Denmark). Research activities in the group are aimed towards fabrication, characterization and physical and circuital modeling of OSC and PSC. The final goal of the research is to understand the physical mechanisms occurring inside OSC and PSC devices, and identify those responsible of degradation. The group facilities include the whole fabrication line of OSC and PSC under inert atmosphere (a glove-box fully equipped with spinner, vacuum oven and thermal evaporator), different equipment for optical and electrical characterization, and an outdoor degradation set-up. In addition, CENER’s Solar Photovoltaic Energy Department contributes with its expertise in solar photovoltaic modules aging, degradation testing and certification joint with a broad range of advanced characterization (electroluminiscence, dark lock-in thermography…) and processing (sputtering, photolithography…) techniques available in its installations. The department, midway between basic research and industrial manufacturing environments, is accredited by the Spanish National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) and also by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for testing PV modules of all commercial technologies and is able to perform tests corresponding to individual phases of the regulation and “made-to-measure” tests defined in order to assess prototypes or process modifications and all the ISOS protocols levels 1 to 3 for organic and perovskites. CENER keeps a great number of collaborations with national and international groups thanks to its participation in different associations (IEA-PVPS, EERA, FOTOPLAT…) and research projects (SOLAR-TRAIN, ETFE-MFM, AISOVOL, S-LIGHT…) . Thus, the synergy between the two institutions ensures that the researcher will find cutting edge equipment and an excellent multidisciplinar group of professionals of the sector aiming at the successful completion of the research project.

Departament: Applied Mathematics, Materials Science and Engineering and Electronic Technology
Research Group: Dispositivos Electrónicos y Fotónicos Orgánicos (DELFO)
More Information:
Relevants projects on the area: SINFOTON2-CM (Sensores e INstrumentación en tecnologías FOTONicas 2) ref. P2018/NMT-4326. Comunidad de Madrir 2019. IP. Dr. Beatriz Romero Herrero
Relevants publications on the area: 1.- B. Arredondo et al, Analysing impact of oxygen and water exposure on roll-coated organic solar cell performance using impedance spectroscopy, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 176, p 397, 2018
2.- G. Del Pozo et al, Degradation of PEIE interlayer in PTB7:[70]PCBM based solar cells characterized by impedance spectroscopy, Solar Energy 144, p.105, 2017