Agent technology for smart transportation fleets
Mentor: Sascha Ossowski
Phone: (+34) 644054850
University: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Partner Host Institution: ATOS
Keywords: Open Fleets, Smart transportation and mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Multiagent Systems, Agreement Technologies

Agent technology for smart transportation fleets

Our main research lines comprise coordination mechanisms and services for the efficient use of shared limited resources. We frequently apply them to environments with autonomous stakeholders where, besides efficiency, different types of fairness and “social welfare” as well as all sorts of “security” constraints need to be considered, so as to enable an effective implementation. For this purpose, we usually combine multiagent techniques from a sandbox that we call “agreement technologies” (semantic technologies, market-based mechanisms, automated negotiation and argumentation, trust and reputation, norms and organisations, …). The increase of human mobility and transportation in urban environments is one of the causes of congestion problems, inefficiencies and energy use, and air pollution in modern cities. Innovative solutions are required in order to assure a more efficient use of resources while also ensuring time flexible mobility solutions for citizens and businesses. As a direct result, systems that promote the shared use of vehicles have begun to emerge. Examples are public bicycle services, bike or car sharing systems, applications like UBER or “flexible” fleets that are created on demand in order to provide a certain service in environments with considerable demand fluctuations. Our research aims at developing methods for optimising the use of transportation fleets (taxis, delivery services, … ) to fit the expected demand so as to reduce travel time and distances, consequently reducing consumption, CO2 emissions and congestions. New solutions must also foster the use of green transportation means. In this line, we are working on rebalancing bike-sharing systems with the aim of having better service experience, thus fostering the use of green transportation means.

Departament: Computing Science, Computer Architecture, Programming Languages and Systems and Statistics and Operative Investigation
Research Group: Artificial Intelligence
More Information:
Relevants projects on the area: Dynamic Coordination of Open Fleets in Urban Environments (SURF), URJC:M-1451
Relevants publications on the area: 1.- Billhardt, H., A. Fernandez, L. Lemus, M. Lujak, N. Osman, S. Ossowski, and C. Sierra, "Dynamic Coordination in Fleet Management Systems: Toward Smart Cyber Fleets", IEEE Intelligent Systems, no. 29 (3), pp. 70-76, 2014.
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