Agent technology for smart transportation infrastructures
Mentor: Sascha Ossowski
Phone: (+34) 644054850
University: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Partner Host Institution: Optiva Media
Keywords: Route guidance, Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence, Multiagent Systems, Agreement Technologies

Agent technology for smart transportation infrastructures

Our main research lines comprise coordination mechanisms and services for the efficient use of shared limited resources. We frequently apply them to environments with autonomous stakeholders where, besides efficiency, different types of fairness and “social welfare” as well as all sorts of “security” constraints need to be considered, so as to enable an effective implementation. For this purpose, we usually combine multiagent techniques from a sandbox that we call “agreement technologies” (semantic technologies, market-based mechanisms, automated negotiation and argumentation, trust and reputation, norms and organisations, …). A key application area is smart transportation management, where we try to explore the potential of novel applications and services, making use of the opportunities that vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications open up. This comprises all sorts of services related to multi-modality, innovative methods for traffic assignment and control, as well as route choice models and route guidance systems. The ultimate goal is to provide innovative new services to the user, and at the same time to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Recent work comprises the use of semantic technologies for intelligent traffic management, market-based mechanisms for intersection control and coordination (in particular, reservation-based intersections), as well as auction-based optimisation to determine efficient trade-offs between user and system equilibria for vehicle navigation.

Departament: Computing Science, Computer Architecture, Programming Languages and Systems and Statistics and Operative Investigation
Research Group: Artificial Intelligence
More Information:
Relevants projects on the area: Dynamic Coordination of Open Fleets in Urban Environments (SURF), URJC:M-1451
Relevants publications on the area: 1.- Matteo Vasirani, Sascha Ossowski: A Market-Inspired Approach for Intersection Management in Urban Road Traffic Networks. J. Artif. Intell. Res. 43: 621-659 (2012)
2.- Marin Lujak, Stefano Giordani, Sascha Ossowski: Route guidance: Bridging system and user optimization in traffic assignment. Neurocomputing 151: 449-460 (2015)