Chemo-enzymatic CO2 adsorption and valorization by hybrid nanomaterials.
Mentor: Santiago Gómez Ruíz
Phone: (+34) 914888507
University: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Partner Host Institution: Orion Hi-Technologies -2nd year of applied research compulsory
This research line has been developed together with Orion High-Technologies. The second year of applied research in Orion High-Technologies is compulsory under this line.
Keywords: nanomaterials; CO2 valorization; CO2 adsorption; chemo-enzymatic catalysis

Chemo-enzymatic CO2 adsorption and valorization by hybrid nanomaterials.

Carbon dioxide capture, storage and conversion to different chemicals is a topic of high interest due to the great number of emissions of this gas in energy production. The adsorption and conversion of CO2 by the action of different heterogeneous catalysts, photocatalysts and/or electrocatalysts may be an alternative solution to lower CO2 emissions coming from the energy generation cycle. The current transformations of CO2 by catalytic reactions are usually leading to C1-chemicals such as methanol, formaldehyde or formic acid among others, however, much less has been developed for the conversion to other valuable chemicals such as hydrocarbons (ethylene or propylene) or different oxygenated products (ethanol or propanol) of interest for the alcohol industry. This project will be focused on the synthesis and characterization of multifunctional hybrid nanomaterials decorated with chemical and enzymatic catalytic sites for CO2 adsorption and cascade chemo-enzymatic transformation to different chemicals of interest for the industry. The synthetic study will be focused on the use of different porous scaffolds based on ceramic materials, carbon nanostructures and/or MOFs. In addition, a variety of metal nanoparticles and enzymes will be attached and tested for the determination of the best conditions and materials to give valuable chemicals and recyclable catalytic processes.

Departament: Biology and Geology, Physics and Inorganic Chemistry
Research Group: COMET-NANO
More Information:
Relevants projects on the area: Design of innovative functionalized nanomaterials: Exploring their multifunctional applications in catalysis and medicinal chemistry (CTQ2015-66164-R) from Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad Spain
Relevants publications on the area: 1.- Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 809 (2018) 80–87; Science of the Total Environment 563–564 (2016) 921–932