CO2 capture in relevant industrial streams (CCARE)
Mentor: Eloy Sanz Pérez
Phone: (+34) 91488-7367
University: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Partner Host Institution: N.A.
Keywords: CO2 capture; industrial capture; CCSU; thermal power stations

CO2 capture in relevant industrial streams (CCARE)

Carbon capture is one of the fastest growing topics in sustainable chemistry and separations science, owing to the impact that anthropogenic CO2 is having on global climate. In this context, efforts within the scientific community have widely focused on CO2 capture from large stationary sources such as electricity-generating power plants to minimize emissions.

Later, the capture of CO2 from other industrial sources has attracted rapidly increasing attention, since they allow for the capture of CO2 from many other sources, including waste heat integration.The present investigation aims to tackle CO2 emmisions from industrial sources. The research group has extensive experience in systems for CO2 capture since 2006, as evidenced by the participation in several contracts with the companies Endesa Generación, S.A. and Instalaciones Inabensa, SA, the publication of up to 20 scientific articles directly related to the topic, the granting of a patent, and the award of several prizes to the doctoral theses resulting from the research (granted by the Institution of Chemical Engineers, IChemE, the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, EFCE, and the Spanish CO2 Platform, PTECO2).

Departament: Energy and Chemical Technology, Environmental and Chemical Technology, Mechanical Technology, Analytical Chemistry
Research Group: Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group
More Information:
Relevants projects on the area: "Development of new porous materials for CO2 capture and storage” in the CENIT CO2 Programme, financed by ENDESA S.A. Main researchers: Raúl Sanz Martín and Guillermo Calleja Pardo. Budget: 155,000 €. Duration: October 2006 – December 2009.
Relevants publications on the area: 1.- E.S. Sanz-Pérez, T.C.M. Dantas, A. Arencibia, G. Calleja, A.P.M.A. Guedes, A.S. Araujo, R. Sanz. Reuse and recycling of amine-functionalized silica materials for CO2 adsorption. Chem. Eng. J. 308 (2017) 1021-1033. Impact Factor (JCR-2016): 6.216.
2.- R. Sanz, G. Calleja, A. Arencibia, E.S. Sanz-Pérez. Development of high efficiency adsorbents for CO2 capture based on a double-functionalization method of grafting and impregnation. J. Mater. Chem. A 1 (2013) 1956-1962. Impact Factor (JCR-2014): 7.443.