Hybrid materials based on graphene and organo-inorganic compounds for energy source applications
Mentor: Mª del Carmen Coya Párraga
Email: carmen.coya@urjc.es
Phone: (+34) 916647470
University: Rey Juan Carlos University
Partner Host Institution: CEPSA
Keywords: organic electronics, optoelectronic devices, oled, solar cells, graphene, dry lithography

Hybrid materials based on graphene and organo-inorganic compounds for energy source applications

In the context of the Organic Device Characterization Laboratory-LabCADIO (belonging to the laboratory network of the Regional Government of Madrid, ref-351), led by Prof. Carmen Coya, deals with the development of materials, the manufacture of devices, the optimization of cost-effective processes for Organic Electronics (special attention to patterning and transformation of 2D materials (i.e Graphene) by electro erosion) and simulation of transport processes in organic electronic devices. Current work involves hybrid materials based on graphene and organo-inorganic hybrids (perovskites) and the study of modification (with graphene and novel molecules) of the “standard” MAPbI3 perovskites for improved optoelectronic and stability properties.

Departament: Theory on Signal and Communication and Telematic Systems and Computing
Research Group: Organic Optoelectronic Group (OOG)
More Information: https://oogurjc.wordpress.com/
Relevants projects on the area: HYBRID MATERIALS BASED ON GRAPHENE FOR APPLICATIONS IN ENERGY AND OPTICAL DETECTION. MAT2015-65356-C3-2-R. Founded: Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Call 2015 - PROYECTOS I+D+I-RETOS. Financiación: 60.000 euros. 2016-2019. Principal Researcher: C.Coya
Relevants publications on the area: 1.- E. Climent-Pascual, B. Clasen Hames, J. S. Moreno-Ramírez, A. L. Álvarez, E. J. Juarez-Perez, E. Mas-Marza, I. Mora-Seró*, A. de Andrés* and C. Coya*. “Influence of the Substrate on the Bulk Properties of Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskite Films”. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2016, 4, 18153 – 18163.
2.- Ángel Luis Álvarez y Mª del Carmen Coya. Chapter 4: OLEDs based on Ln (III) complexes for near infrared emission. Pages 133–170. Book: Lanthanide-based multifunctional materials: from OLEDs to SIMS, Elsevier, Published 11th June 2018. A volume in Advanced Nanomaterials. Series Volume Editors Pablo Martín Ramos and Manuela Ramos Silva. ISBN: 9780128138403.