Multifunctional coatings for higher efficiency of the wind blades
Mentor: Silvia González Prolongo
Phone: (+34) 914888292
University: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Partner Host Institution: N.A

Multifunctional coatings for higher efficiency of the wind blades

This proposal consists on the manufacture of multifunctional coatings, based on polymer doped with nanofillers, in order to develop ADIS system (Anti-icing and de-icing systems). The system is based on the self-heating due to Joule´s effect of the electrical conductor coating reinforced with graphitic nanofillers. The concern for the ice formation is growing in the wind energy industry due to the need to install wind energy power farms in high mountains. In fact, EDP Renowables has shown interest in this proposal (URJC got the first award of EDP University Challenge, 2017). Some wind farms, located in cold climates, can suffer production losses than 10% of the annual energy. This project could solve this problem using the same installed wind blades, applying a maintenance operation consisted on the application of a new coating. Previous studies, carried out in the URJC, confirmed that the power consummated for the proposal ADIS device is very low. In addition to ADIS, the goal of the project is manufactured of a multilayered coating with several functionalities. The optimization of coatings with different nanofillers allows get materials with different performances: self-cleaning; high wear strength and erosion resistance and even self-structural monitoring.

Departament: Applied Mathematics, Materials Science and Engineering and Electronic Technology
Research Group: Multifunctional Materials
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