Reduction of GHG emissions
Mentor: Alfredo Cabezas Ares
Phone: (+34) 629163438
University: University Rey Juan Carlos
Partner Host Institution: N.A
Keywords: environement, GHG, emissions, decoupling, decarbonization, enrironmental risks

Reduction of GHG emissions

Our line of research focuses on the evaluation the environmental performance of firms and economies by analysing the fluctuations of CO2 emissions and their links with economic activity. The methodological framework is based on a dynamic factor analysis to elaborate indicators of the environmental performance. The index can be used to monitor the progress towards target behaviours across economies and firms. We also track the efforts made to decouple CO2 emissions from GDP. Based on these analyses, we develop a CO2 emissions-GDP linkage matrix to attain useful information on the firms and economies.

Departament: Business Administration (ADO), Applied Economics II and Fundaments of Economic Analysis
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Relevants projects on the area: HEIMDAL: Detección Semántica Multisensorial de Situaciones Anómalas en entornos sin restricciones , TIN2016-75982-C2-2-R (Multisensory Semantic Detection of Anomalous Situations in unrestricted environments). Funding from: Spanish Ministry of “Economía y Competitividad”. January 2017 to december 2020. Principal Researcher UPM: Luis Baumela. In collaboration with UAH (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares).
Relevants publications on the area: 1.- BAdaCost: Multi-class Boosting with Costs. Antonio Fernández-Baldera, José M. Buenaposada, Luis Baumela. Pattern Recognition (in 2018), Elsevier (,
2.- A Deeply-initialized Coarse-to-fine Ensemble of Regression Trees for Face Alignment. Roberto Valle, José Miguel Buenaposada, Antonio Valdés, Luis Baumela European Conference on Computer Vision, ECCV 2018 (