Self-cleaning nanocoatings for solar panels and wind blades applications
Mentor: Mónica Campo Gómez
Phone: (+34) 914884649
University: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Partner Host Institution: N.A.
Keywords: coating, nanofiller, self-cleaning, wear, hidrofobicity

Self-cleaning nanocoatings for solar panels and wind blades applications

The objective of this research line is development a self-cleaning nanotechnological coatings to increase energy efficiency of solar panels and wind blades. The accumulation of dust and dirt in the wind blades modifies the aerodynamic profile of the structure and reduces the energy transformation produced by the wind, affecting its efficiency. And the accumulation of dust and sand on solar power reflectors and photovoltaic cells is capable of reducing reflectivity up to 50 percent in 14 days. For these reasons, solar panels and other surfaces require a constant cleaning maintenance with qualified staff and water with chemicals solutions. To avoid this problem, it is proposed to develop self-cleaning coatings with superhydrophobic properties that repel dust, dirt and pollutants from the environment, and also protecting from wear and corrosion. La functionality of a solar panel or wind blades is preserved as if it were new, without needing water, chemicals and services of the staff to clean them. These nanocoatings with waterproofing properties would improve the efficiency, and reduce the water expense required for cleaning and the cost of industrial maintenance of the solar panels or wind blades.

Departament: Applied Mathematics, Materials Science and Engineering and Electronic Technology
Research Group: Materials Science and Engineering
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