Smart energy management system for Secure HANs (Home Area Networks) that integrates with Smart grid architectures
Mentor: Javier Castillo Villar
Phone: (+34) 916647497
University: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Partner Host Institution: ATOS
Optiva Media
Keywords: Smart energy management systems, compressive sampling, Smart Grid, Security, Big data, High Performance Computing

Smart energy management system for Secure HANs (Home Area Networks) that integrates with Smart grid architectures

Energy management system that integrates Smart Grids with Home Area Networks (HAN) that use smart appliance, home automation and Internet of Thing devices must address security and privacy features. That system must enable energy efficiency, energy service demand and save energy through monitoring and controlling energy in real time.
We try to extend the Smart Grid from the Smart Meter into the HAN within a secury-oriented environment. We also want to help to decentralize and add intelligence to the energy management systems proposing a new architecture for the Smart meters.
This will provide the consumer with better and more accurate information about their own HAN and tools for controlling the HAN from the perspective of the user, the energy distribution company and, eventually from the Administration.

Departament: Computing Science, Computer Architecture, Programming Languages and Systems and Statistics and Operative Investigation
Research Group: GDHwSw
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