Presentation available – Q&A session – 16 May

Presentation available – Q&A session – 16 May

Missed the online Q&A session on 16 May? The presentation is now available and you can download it here: GET_fellowship_programme_2nd_call_20190516

As discussed during the session, we remind potential applicants that they have to get in contact with the research group they want to work with, in order to get the information they need to complete their application, namely the CV of the research group. We also recommend applicants to discuss with the research group any scientific questions regarding their research idea or doubts regarding the equipment and facilities available.

Regarding evaluation criteria, we advise all potential applicants to carefully read the Guide for Evaluators: GET_2nd_call_Guide_for_Evaluators. Your application will be evaluated according to the criteria and procedure described therein. It is important to understand how the evaluation works.

UAH or URJC, as applicable according to the research line selected by the candidate, will offer the fellow a two-year full-time employment contract. The contract is full-time and the fellow must have an exclusive dedication to his/her research project.

Lastly, regarding the second year of applied research and collaboration with companies, secondments are offered with the institutions partnering the programme. You have the complete list here.  The information regarding secondments (under which lines, where) is indicated in the data sheet/information for each research line (research lines here).

If you still have doubts, please email us to

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