Preliminary results of Got Energy Talent MSCA-COFUND 2nd call for fellowship

Preliminary results of Got Energy Talent MSCA-COFUND 2nd call for fellowship

The preliminary outcome of the second call of Got Energy Talent MSCA-COFUND fellowship programme is now available. The provisional ranking lists for UAH and URJC can be downloaded here:


All applicants will be notified of the outcome of the selection process and will receive their individual IER (Indivual Evaluation Report). We remind all interested parties that each application has been independently and individually assessed by 3 international experts. Under GET, the evaluation and the selection of evaluators has been provided by the Department for Coordination and Evaluation (Subdivisión de Coordinación y Evaluación, SCE; formerly known as ANEP) of the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.  Applicants will be provided with a single IER, which will merge the evaluations made by the three individual evaluators. Applications have been evaluated according to the evaluation criteria as set out in the Guide for Evaluators, available on this website.

The final ranking list will be pusblished once the redress period is finalised.

More information:

Redress process

All applicants to Got Energy Fellowship programme have a right to a redress procedure if they feel that there has been a shortcoming in the way their proposal was evaluated and that this shortcoming may affect the final decision on whether to fund it or not. Applicants must use the following form to apply for redress of your evaluation under GOT ENERGY TALENT Fellowship programme: GET_2nd_call_Redress_Application_Form

To avail of the redress procedure, a request for redress must be submitted within 10 working days from receiving their IER (Individual Evaluation Report). The form must be sent by email in PDF format to

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