Got Energy Talent kicks off!

Got Energy Talent kicks off!

The Univeristy of Alcalá and the University Rey Juan Carlos are pleased to announce the launch of Got Energy Talent Fellowship Programme and the launch of GET’s website.

Got Energy Talent (GET) is an ambitious programme that aims not only to enable researchers to conduct their own excellent research project. It also intends to bring research closer to society and produce a positive impact, not only in terms of excellent science and talent attraction but also by strengthening the regional economy and promoting international networking. GET’s field of action is one of the priorities of the Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) of the region of Madrid. Moreover, the topic responds to the long-term vision of the Universidad de Alcalá and the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, which together launched the ICE (International Campus of Excellence) ‘Smart Energy’ focusing on Bioenergy and Smart Cities in 2011 (here).

Got Energy Talent will offer a total of 34 fellowships for experienced researchers to develop a 24-month stay in Madrid through 2 open calls at international level (17 fellowships per call). Postdoctoral fellows will have a full trans-national mobility experience. The two academic host institutions, UAH and URJC, will each hire 17 fellows over the lifetime of the fellowship programme. Therefore, in each call a total of 8/9 fellows will be received by each academic host institution.

Moreover, fellows will be able to decide whether to carry out a 24-month advanced research project or, under certain research lines, a 12-month advanced research combined project with a 12-month period devoted to applied research in one of the partner host institutions.


On our website you will find detailed information about the Programme, the terms and conditions of the fellowships, as well as information about how and when to apply (check Overview and First Call). Under Reserach Lines, interested applicants can find the list of research lines that both univeristies are offering and that are open to host fellows. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any doubts about the Programme. If you are interested in applying and you have already spotted a research line that fits your interests, please get in contact with the research group and tell them about your project idea. You will find all necessary information under Research Lines.

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